Senate Bill 130

Senate Bill 130 calls for all high school students to take the ACT their junior year as a substitute for a part of the CATS exam.

Senator Dan Kelly is sponsoring the bill and says Illinois and Colorado already have similar legislation in place with positive results.

Kelly says: "Two other states, which have taken this step, have found that more kids go to college and when they get to college they're better prepared because they learn earlier that they're having trouble and they can take more rigorous courses while they're in high school."

However Greenwood High's principal, Mark Davis, says while he sees positive aspects he's worried about the extra strain it will put on teachers and students.

Davis says: "The ACT would add another preparation, a different type of preparation that teachers and students would have to do in order to be able to work the ACT."

Senator Kelly says this bill would help students be able to see what they need to work on before they actually get to college.

He says: "We know 75 percent of students are taking the ACT anyways. It is valid as to each individual student and it gives us meaningful info."

Both Senator Kelly and Principal Davis agree that since the ACT is given in other states administrators can compare scores to see how their students rank.

The Kentucky Department of Education says if the bill is passed it will pay for around a million dollars of the cost.

A spokesperson says that money will come out of its annual operating budget.

Senator Kelly says he expects the state House of Representatives to vote on the bill in the next few days.

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