Hope Harbor Funding

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The state budget has already passed the House of Representatives.
Included in the budget that's currently in review by the Kentucky Senate is a 1 million dollar increase in funding each year for rape crisis centers.
For Jeremy Phillips, who's in his first year as Director of Hope Harbor, that's a good start.
"This money will be used to retain our staff."
Which in some non-profit agencies is shrinking due to low salaries.
Representative Steve Nunn is an advocate for sexual abuse victims. "That really is going to help each regional crisis centers with $66,000."
But in the last five years, hospital calls for sexual abuse have increased. This year, 70 were reported.
"The demand for our services have also increased." Phillips says that doesn't mean sexual abuse is on the rise, it means this normally unreported crime, is finally being reported.
He links the awareness to months like March which is designated to get the word out about sexual assault and abuse.