City Pay Plan

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The plan which City Manager Kevin DeFebbo unveiled to the City Commission earlier this week calls for city workers to be broken up into three categories: department heads, safety officials (which include police and fire workers), and general classifications.

It would mean every two years a worker would be eligible to receive a pay raise.

"It allows a person to come in at the first level and work their way through 30 years with the city. They can also be promoted and work their way up as well," says Bowling Green Mayor Elaine Walker.

The plan would also eliminate "leapfrogging", a situation where a longer tenured, higher ranking employer would make less than a newer worker would.

Mayor Walker hopes the new pay plan will boost city employee morale.

"I know that its been a very difficult year. Our employees have endured some pretty tough situations with questions about the pay plan. The adjustments were not made and so where did they fit in at this point last year."

The commission will present the plan to employees next week before voting on it in April for inclusion in the 2007 fiscal budget.