Anti-Bullying Bill

An anti-bullying bill is leaving state leaders with mixed emotions.

The bill passed unanimously in the house, but is now stalled in the senate.

Republican senate leaders say a state law on school bullying is unnecessary and will not solve the problem.

Supporters of the measure are leading a last-ditch effort to get the bill out of the Senate Education Committee.

Senate Floor Leader, Dan Kelly, of Springfield believes anti-bullying efforts must begin in homes and churches.

This is the third time legislators and various educational advocacy groups have attempted to bring an anti-bullying policy into legislation.

However, students at schools across Warren County are already learning how to protect themselves and others from bullies.

Guidance Counselor, JoAnna Jones, says: "We talk about how to deal, how to report bullies, and how reporting isn't the same as tattling."

The school district has an anti-bullying program in place where guidance counselors meet with students about exactly what bullying is and how to handle the issue.

Jones says: "Children come from all different kinds of backgrounds and things are going on in the world than when their parents were growing up."

Tom Pardue teaches a bully-safe class to area schools. He says there's one thing he tells every class he goes to: "The main thing we teach is just walk away."

Pardue says students need to stand-up for each other by telling their parents, teachers, and principal if they see someone being bullied.

Pardue says: "Bullies flourish on silence and being able to keep health away from themselves."

Pardue says he wants prevention techniques to begin early in life because it may prevent another tragedy from happening.

He says: "If you look back in some of the school tragedies we've had, Columbine and some of the school shootings we've had you can trace those origins back to school bullying every time."

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