Walk for Autism

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"Autism...because we don't know much about it; its in such a wide spectrum, that we consider it like a puzzle."

A puzzle that Sheri Hunt learned about when her 2 year old son, Patrick was diagnosed with a form of autism called PDDNOS.

"Honestly, we had really known something was wrong for a while and I think, for me myself...it was more of a relief to know what was going on so I would know how to fight it."

Sheri was then introduced to Debbie Meador, who herself has a 19 year old son who suffers from Autism, and the two decided to work together for Autism awareness..

"Me and Debbie got to talking. We talked for a few weeks and decided we wanted to form a support group. We started advertising, not expecting much, honestly. But thankfully the community has been wonderful and really responded well."

It was the community of Scottsville, as well as Horse Cave and Bowling Green that came out Sunday to walk for Autism awareness, something Debbie says barely existed when her son was first diagnosed 15 years ago.

"I remember the first time they said John had some autistic-like behaviors, I didn't even know. I said "what does that mean?" I had never heard the word "autistic".

Sheri and Debbie both hope Sunday's march will raise awareness throughout South Central Kentucky.

"I think they need to know that because a child is autistic they still have feelings, they still need to be treated well. Its not bad behavior, they're just reponding to us from their environment cause they feel things different than us."

"We're trying to piece the puzzle together one piece at a time."

The Allen County Autism Support Group has been in operation since the beginning of this year.
For those interested in the Autism support group or just want to discuss the topic...You can contact Debbie Meador at (270) 237- 4473 or Sheri Hunt at (270), 622- 6414.