Pastor Kicked Out of Church

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Two services... Two pastors... One church.

"We're worshiping on this side and they worship inside," said former pastor Tim White.

Because this pastor along with many members of the congregation are not allowed in church.

"It's just not right... It's just not right," said Janice Ferguson, Calvary Christian church member.

"I've never been kicked out of a church.... and I've never had no trouble with any church I pastored," said White.

White has been the pastor of the church for 6 years. Now this restraining order is keeping him from crossing this road.

"The corporation board had fired their minister for not teaching church doctrine and he's refused to leave," said the lawyer for the church, Stephen Poindexter.

"I haven't preached nothin but the word," said White.

But he was voted out... by the elders of the church.

White says the constitution and bi laws of the church require a 3/4ths vote of the membership, not just the elders.

"That's the reason I'm still pastor of the congregation," said White.

"He refused to leave. He just keeps coming back every Sunday and wed. And attempting to run the service and interfering," said Poindexter.

So, White's service is here across the street, and the congregation is split.

"They wanted me in on this and I would not get in on this because I didn't think it was legal," said church elder Frank Denton.

"There was a few that decided they wanted to take over and rule above the govern of the church," said White.

Tension is rising as each side waits for a court to make the final determination.

"It's like everything has been taken away from you," said Ferguson.

"The bible says you gotta love them if you're going to heaven but sometimes my love is wearing real thin for these people," said Denton.

Three Kentucky State Police troopers were on the scene to keep the peace between the sides. This issue will be in Monroe County Circuit Court Wednesday morning at nine.