Pay Plan Reaction

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Monday, city manager Kevin DeFebbo met with firefighters and police officers to discuss the new pay plan.

The plan would include a fifteen step plan that would include a raise every two years for a thirty year career.

It would also include no overlapping ranges in salary and eliminate newer employees being able to "leapfrog" longer tenured workers.

Two meetings were held today at the Bowling Green Police Department and after the meetings, some seemed to be pleased with the preparation for the new plan.

"We applaud Mr. DeFebbo for having these meetings. It shows a willingness by our city management to keep us informed, get some opinion from us and that's all we want," says Fraternal Order of Police President, Shawn Helbig.

That's the initial response from some safety workers upon hearing about the new pay plan that is being suggested by City Manager Kevin DeFebbo.

" It allows a person to come in at the first level and work their way through 30 years with the city. They can also be promoted and work their way up as well," says Bowling Green Mayor, Elaine Walker.

The plan states that police, firefighters, as well as other city personnel will receive raises every two years.

Although there are no complaints (so far) over the structure of the plan, some believe the maximum of $37,000 after the final raise will not allow the city to be competitive in recruiting new officers.

"We compete against the Kentucky State Police. We compete against the Louisville and Lexington. We compete against larger agencies and with the pay range we have, we have a concern we will not be able to recruit and retain well-qualified young police officers," notes Helbig.

The commission will look to seek these type of answers from city employees so they can address the concerns before they vote on the plan in order to make the plan work for everyone.

"I know that its been a very difficult year. Our employees have endured some pretty tough questions about the pay plan. The adjustments were not made and so where did they fit in at this point last year," says Walker.

The pay plan is expected to be given its first reading at the next city commission meeting on April 4.