Chamber of Commerce Groundbreaking

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The Chamber, which is currently located on State Street is ready to begin construction on its new home on the corner of 7th and College Streets.

The new facility will house a high tech briefing center, modern technology and other amenities aimed at better serving your community.

"We're all about helping our local companies grow and attracting our new investments. So that's where you started from in terms of planning a facility," says Chamber president, Jim Hizer.

The vision of a new Chamber office has been ongoing for nearly 10 years with actual talks beginning three years ago.

Many believe that building a more versatile Chamber of Commerce building in the proposed Circus Square development will only help to build the exposure of both the Chamber and the City of Bowling Green.

City Commissioner Delane Simpson, who attended the groundbreaking says the new building will be a cornerstone of Downtown Re-development and the fact it’s going to be a major access to Western though Interstate 65 is very, very important."

"Over the next few years, literally tens of thousands of folks will get their first impression of South Central Kentucky by walking into this building. What we want to do is, we want to show them through this building that this is a progressive community," says Hizer.

Since 1999, the city has spent more than $25 million on Downtown Revitalization.

The creation of the new Chamber office will mark the first public-private development in Circus Square.

Something Hizer hopes will be a sign of good things to come for the Chamber and the city.

"I think it’s very important that the business community and the Chamber particularly be viewed as one of the leaders in terms of the Downtown Redevelopment.

Hizer also says the Chamber of Commerce is in the midst its campaign drive which has generated $1.2 million so far this year.

The new Chamber office is expected to be completed by January of next year.