Beech Bend Proposal

An ongoing feud that has cost taxpayers thousands of dollars in legal fees may soon end.

The feud centers around a 400-foot stretch of Beech Bend Road.

Last May the road was declared private property.

Beech Bend attorneys asked the Warren County Fiscal Court to condemn the road and take it over through eminent domain.

Matt Baker has offered a compromise that he says should put an end to all the costly legal wrangling.

Baker says the Commonwealth of Kentucky has promised to fund improvements to the traditional entrance to Beech Bend Park.

In addition, Baker says David Garvin has agreed to donate a portion of his land to put a wider radius for trucks to get in and out of the park.

Since he knows these improvements can't happen overnight, Baker has permitted Beech Bend to use the road at least six weekends a year for big events until the end of next year.

In return Baker is asking Warren County to dismiss its eminent domain lawsuit and take action to complete the road improvements.

Dallas Jones, the owner of Beech Bend, did not return our calls.

A special meeting of the Warren County Fiscal Court has been scheduled to discuss this proposal further.

The meeting is set for Monday, April 3rd at 8 AM.