Information Signs for Interstate 65

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"Currently we have anywhere from 40 to 50 thousand vehicles on the interstate in our area and about half of that is truck traffic, so its just a way to continually get information out to the public and make the system run a little smoother, " says Keirsten Jaggers of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

The programmable billboards with closed circuit cameras will be placed on overpasses and some will be mounted in the grounds on the sides of the roads.

The new signs will be placed "at key decision points" to make sure drivers are alerted as they head to their destination.

"What we've seen in the last several years is really an evolution of technologies that will allow us to communicate with the motorists. In particular for jams that we've got congestion...Traffic jams ahead or there's a accident, " says Bowling Green Mayor Elaine Walker.

"A lot of times they'll usually say "Buckle up, its the law and its being enforced." But we have all types of info that go on those boards. Whether its ready to snow, inclimate weather, crashes, amber alerts. At some point they could even be used for homeland security issues," notes Jaggers.

The additional signs will also help those who journey through South Central Kentucky on their way elsewhere.

Walker says, "As we see the increase in traffic on our interstate, the benefit for us is we've got motorists who are traveling from Tennessee through our state, all the way to Indiana or Ohio and so we can give them that information much more quickly."

The first over-the-road board will be placed at the Tennessee-Kentucky line and let in April and will be functioning in a year and a half.

The other boards will also be letted later on this year.

The 2-point-3 million dollar project will be funded by the state and will add three over-the-road signs, ten closed circuit cameras, and three small side-mounted boards, added to the current seven.