Church Members Face-Off in Court

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Judge Eddie Lovelace says: "It comes down to the fact we are all children of God."

Before hearing from either side, Monroe Circuit Judge Eddie Lovelace told the plaintiff and defense that this case should not be in court. At the center of the debate is the termination of the pastor at Calvary Christian Assembly in Tompkinsville.

Brian Pack represents Tim White. He says: "Our concern was that the members of the church were never given an opportunity to decide whether the pastor should stay or go. It was a select few who made a decision."

Yvonne Hendrix testified as to why she believes they did have a right to terminate White as pastor.

Yvonne Hicks says: "I feel we are an incorporated church therefore the board of trustees is the governing body of the church. The board of trustees is responsible for the business side and the elders and pastor are responsible for the spiritual side. And that's what's in conflict here today is actually who's in government of the church."

Some members of the church say they were unhappy with the emphasis White preached on angels and they left because of that reason. Since those members gave money to the collection at church, the plaintiff argued that White was doing irreparable damage to the corporation. So they sent him a letter notifying him of his termination. But White kept coming to the church, which led those members to file a restraining order against him.

Over the weekend White's followers gathered across the street from Calvary Christian Assembly to worship outside. He says he wants to see the issue resolved and put it behind them.

Tim White says: "I want there to be peace among the people of the church on both sides. The few that's taken this and carried it (I think) too far and tried to upset the whole congregation. But I want peace. They know I love them in my heart and I have no grudges or hard feelings against any of them."