Hopkinsville Storm Damage

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"So we tried to get up here just to see what all had happened but we weren't expecting nothing this bad."

But when Mike Humphries went back to his home of worship for more than twenty years, Sinking Fork Baptist Church, he found nothing but rubble.

All three of the church's buildings have been destroyed by severe storm and straight-line winds that raced through South Central Kentucky Sunday night.

According to Christian County Emergency Fire & Rescue director Randy Graham, Sunday night's storms left nearly 50 homes destroyed or damaged and nearly three-fourth of Hopkinsville in the dark.

"We've got a lot of homes damaged. Lot of homes totally destroyed. Very large number of trees down in addition to a lot of power lines down, including some major TVA lines that are down."

Humphries says that he hopes that everyone in Christian County recovers from the storm and is ready the next time a massive storm hits.

We'll probably be a little more prepared and take it a little more serious.

There have been no fatalities as a result of the storms but several people were injured and treated at Jennie Stuart Medical Center in Hopkinsville.