Todd County Storms

On Sunday night a storm pummeled its way through Todd County after doing its damage to parts of Christian County.

On Jack Gant's farm the high winds and rain from a storm on April 2 toppled tractors and sent parts of his storage shed into the neighboring woods.

Gant's home is relatively new and he says he specifically put a basement in for situations like those storms.

Gant says: "It was like 25 neighbors that come to my house and got in my basement, so I feel like we protected them, plus I protected my family."

While his family and friends were all protected, his property wasn't.

Gant's house, three barns, and storage shed were all damaged by the high winds and rain.

He says: "It tore up all my buildings, my trucks, it smashed up my old car I had."

Gant says the damage may cost 200 to 300 thousand dollars, or it may be as much as half a million dollars.

While there was a lot of property damage Gant says he's grateful all of his loved ones are safe.