Hopkinsville Church Destroyed in Storm

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Authorities in Christian County say the tornado touched down just north of Hopkinsville Sunday night, damaging homes, knocking down power lines and even steel transmission towers. Monday friends helped those who lost so much salvage whatever was left.

Earl Camsler says: "The old church was built in 1848, I believe."

The oldest part of Sinking Fort Baptist Church has been around for 158 years. It has withstood a lot, but after Sunday night's storm there's not much left.

Camsler says: "Our parsonage was over there. They moved out a while ago. It's all gone. No one was injured."

Camsler is a deacon at the church and says the sanctuary was relatively new. It had been added on about 10 years ago. The church's activity center was also new and it too fell victim to the storms.

Camsler says: "All of us believed in the Lord and it was a good mission church. We gave to a lot of missions. It was a good loving church."

When members of Sinking Fork Baptist met for Sunday night service they were dismissed early. That's something Camsler calls an act of God because no one was there when the damage happened.

Camsler says: "The Good Lord looks over us."