Hopkinsville Tornado Update

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According to the NWS, the destructive winds that hit Christian County were that of an F-3 tornado.

The tornado stretched over ten miles and is believed to have been 700 yards wide.

Governor Ernie Fletcher visited the area today and declared it in a state of emergency.

Officials estimate nearly 100 homes were damaged or destroyed by the twister, while close to thirty people were injured due to the storm.

Weather service official, Rick Shanklin says the evening hours that the storm hit probably saved many lives.

" Fortunately, this occurred before most people were in bed. You take that in contrast to the Evansville tornado which was an F-3 tornado heard at 2 in the morning. 25 fatalities, so that has a lot to do with it."

The National Weather Service said Sunday's F-3 tornado was very similar to another F-3 that came through the area in 1978.

Governor Fletcher has directed the Kentucky National Guard to be on standby to send troops to the impacted areas.