City Commission Update

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Brian Strow's second attempt at cutting the city's extra money passed as his proposal to cut the occupational tax from a hefty two percent was voted through by all the commissioners, with only Mayor Elaine Walker voting to take the money from elsewhere.

Strow tried to sell the commission on the idea by noting how a cut from the occupational tax would make it easier to attract new businesses to the area.

"We're actually taking a look at exactly how much that is, but we're already having some information requests for ways to spend that money and ways to return that money," says Mayor Elaine Walker.

The commission voted to table the proposed pay plan until a special session next week where Commissioners Strow and "Slim" Nash plan to present their own pay plan to the commission.

During discussions, City Manager Kevin DeFebbo told the commission in revising his earlier plan he changed the plan from 15 steps to 10 steps in order to better accommodate safety workers worried about not receiving adequate raises.