Teen Leaders

Bowling Green High's Renaissance Team was formed to give student leaders a voice.

On Kick Butts Day on April 5, Andrea Richardson informed her fellow students about an issue close to her heart.

She says: "My grandfather has been smoking for his entire life basically and he sits at home on his oxygen machine smoking a cigarette all day long."

Andrea wants to raise awareness about the effects smoking can have on a person's body and as part of Bowling Green High's Renaissance Team she's able to do just that.

She says: "We talk about things that we want to do and what we want to improve."

The Renaissance Team is a student leadership group.

The teens involved are nominated by teachers or they can apply for a spot in the class.

Principal Gary Fields says: "We're actually teaching the class of student leaders to be more active, not only here in the school, but in the community."

Fields adds: "The message coming from adults us not going to change student behavior. The message coming from peers will."

Fields says he wants students to have a safe forum to inform others about issues that affect teenagers. "I think that's how we're going to affect change as far as student's smoking, students using alcohol and drugs."

As a part of the Renaissance Team, Andrea's hoping her experience with her grandfather will help stop others from lighting a cigarette.

She says: "I'd hate to see 50 years from now my best friend sitting in her living room with an oxygen machine smoking a cigarette, like i see my grandfather right now."