Spring Sports

Spring sports are in full swing across South Central Kentucky.

The players on many of the Warren County teams come from both The Warren County and The Bowling Green Independent School Districts.

While the participants get to socialize with students from other schools, sometimes they don't get to practice together because the Spring Breaks aren't at the same time.

The Giants little league season has started, but this week the team is missing four important things.

Coach Paul Kilgus says: "My particular team, I've got eight city and four county kids that are gone this week, and the previous two weeks I've had eight kids that were gone."

With Warren County being on Spring Break almost half of Paul Kilgus' team is missing.

Kilgus says: "We're three weeks into practice and I've yet to have a full team here."

Bowling Green City School's are on an alternative calendar where they go to school for nine weeks then take two weeks off, so its Spring Break falls in March.

Jon Lawson, heads his district's Calendar Committee, he says: "Everybody gets a chance to recharge their batteries and come back and you're ready to go."

The Warren County School District is on a more traditional calendar.

Jim Myers, a member of the county's Calendar Committee says: "We look at our Spring Break and build it around the KEA two days in April, very rarely will that overlap with Bowling Green."

Both of the districts have to have 175 instructional days for the students.

Lawson says one of the reasons it has the two week break is because it offers remediation during the last week of both the Fall and Spring Breaks to help those that are falling behind.

Lawson says: "They would end up going to summer school at the end of the year, so we really feel like we're helping students stay up with their classes by attending remediation."

Both districts say they feel their doing what's best for the students in their district.

Myers says: "I have all kinds of respect for the people that get out there and give their time, but somewhere along the line I want to say school has to come before recreational activities like that."

Kilgus says sports like little league teaches kids about life. He says: “Being able to participate with kids from other schools teaches kids what the real world's going to be like at an early age and I think it's great for them."

Both of the calendar committees have representatives from each of the schools in their district. They then have to show the suggested calendar to the Board of Education, who eventually approves it.