Judas Uncovered

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A newly translated document from thousands of years ago may give new insight to the scripture for some, but local church leaders says this is nothing new.

The bible says Judas betrayed Jesus, but the Gospel of Judas, dated 300 AD, says he may have really been helping Jesus.

This writing says Jesus told Judas to hand him over to authorities as part of the divine plan for salvation.

"The Gospel of Judas is a real surprise. It pictures Judas ..not as the worst villain in the history of the world as he's been thought of in Christian tradition..but as the one disciple whom Jesus entrusts with secret understanding," said Elaine Pagels of the National Geographic.

Local pastor Scott Kilgore says this was known before, but it never changed his views.

"The Gospel of Judas is one of those that was considered outside spurious, false, questionable," said Kilgore.

The document was released Friday to the public at the National Geographic headquarters in Washington.