Cleanup Underway in Barren County

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When Chuck Doolin got to work Tuesday morning, he had his work cut out for him.

Doolin says, "Right now we're trying to get the big stuff. We'll come back later on with the wood chipper."

Doolin and others with the Barren County Road Department have been working long hours trying to restore normalcy to the victim's of Friday's F2 tornado.

Barren County Emergency Management Director, Tony Richey, says, "Back here in the back we have a cabinet shop that has lost most of its roof. And they're in business so they're in such a time frame they already got their rafters back on."

Though the initial cleanup process is well underway, it could be years before there's full recovery.

Doolin says: "Some say two weeks. But to get everything back like it was for these people who had buildings torn down; it'll probably never be back like it was. Once you have something like this come through it, it takes years to get it cleaned up."

Volunteers showed up in huge numbers over the weekend to help with cleanup.