Halton Comes To Bowling Green

An international group of companies will locate its North American headquarters in Bowling Green.

The Halton group's headquarters and a research and development facility will be in Western's Center for Research and Development.

The company first came to South Central Kentucky in 1998 locating with its sister company in Glasgow.

Halton then relocated to Scottsville where it now employs 77 people and produces ventilation hoods for restaurants.

While the North American Headquarters will be in Bowling Green, the manufacturing will stay in Scottsville.

Rick Bagwell, the President of Halton Group North America, says, "At this current time what we'll do is keep the manufacturing located in Scottsville and we'll see as we grow these other areas what we do for the manufacturing. We might even look at outsourcing to the local Bowling Green companies that already exist to do some of the manufacturing for us."

The U.S. headquarters will create five positions the first year and expects to have 10 to 15 new jobs within three years.

For more information about Halton you can log onto www.halton.com.