Targeting Your Hometown: Monroe County

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Frances Barbecue is a family owned and operated restaurant in the small community of Hestand in Monroe County.

They have a family recipe and philosophy that has been passed down from mother to son: just to love cooking and take care of the customers. A philosophy that seems to be working with more than 1,200 families stopping by to eat every week.

David Arms, the owner of the restaurant, features all the classics with baby back ribs, coleslaw, baked beans, and a unique recipe, barbecued boiled eggs. Customers from all over have stopped by to have a taste including Al Gore and Arm's good friend country singer John Anderson. In fact Anderson liked the sauce so much he wanted to sell it in grocery stores.

Arms says the magic to his success though is mostly because people are just looking for good home cooking.

You can find John Anderson Barbecue Sauce at any Houchens store in Kentucky.