Biking to Work

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Gas prices are averaging $2.76 a gallon in Kentucky.
AAA says whether gas tops $3.00 a gallon by the summer is unclear.
But, the good news is- it's better here than elsewhere.
AAA says state taxes and fees on gasoline and diesel fuel are lower in Kentucky than most other states.
Most of the fuel in the Bluegrass comes from Midwest
refineries that charge a few cents per gallon less than other suppliers.
And experts say wholesalers and retailers may be a little more competitive here than other parts of the country.
Still, consumers like Forrest Halford are looking for an alternative.
"I just started riding (my bike) a little bit at a time."
Now, 3 years later and 100 pounds lighter, his car is second choice.
Forrest previously suffered from sleep apnea, high cholesterol, mild depression and joint pain.
"The hardest thing about it is making decision to do it." The money he used to spend on medical bills, prescriptions and gas is now in the bank.
"I save $900 dollars a year."
He lives just a few miles from work and rides in just about every weather condition --but rain.
"Sometimes you have to leave suits at the office, for some people it's not practical."
Forrest and his son ride together to school and work each morning. He's teaching his 15 year old to make healthy lifestyle choices early.
"It's a great time to bond in the morning we talk and carry on."
Putting them both on the path to healthier and wealthier lives.

Bowling Green Bike to Work Week Events:

Friday May 12 9:00AM
Ribbon Cutting for Kereiakes-to-Kroger Greenway.

Saturday May 13 9:00AM
Kids One Mile Fun Run

Saturday May 13 9:45AM
BGLOB Neighborhood Bike Ride

Friday May 19 6:30AM - 8:30 AM
BGLOB Bike to Work Day