Residents Upset Over Rock Quarry

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A proposed new business coming to Hart county has residents upset.

An old rock quarry closed for over a quarter of a century is set to re-open. This is bringing some members of the community together demanding action.

"The old timers remember the cracked foundations... Sink holes and the dried up ponds from the blasting of this quarry," said Ken Pollard who lives next to quarry.

"This is where we wanted to stay forever but with different neighbors not a gravel company," said Mary Pollard who lives next door to the quarry.

"This will be like living in a large city," said Carolyn Bartelson who lives near the quarry.

The owners refused to talk on camera about this issue. Scotty's Stone is leasing the property and has filed an application to re-open the Boyds' Knob quarry for blasting. We were unable to reach Scotty's for comment.