Father Charged With Murder

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A Bowling Green father charged with murder may soon have his case heard by a grand jury.

20-year-old Jeffrey Lemont Peters was arrested last week for abusing his 2-month old daughter Amaya.

Police first responded to his residence on Barnwood Court when they came to assist EMS workers on a child who was not breathing.

Peters later admitted he had caused injury to Amaya because she would not stop crying.

"He told them he caused injuries to the child when the child was crying. He was frustrated with the child crying. And ultimately those injuries led to her death," said officer Jerry Corbitt of Bowling Green Police.

The baby died from those injuries yesterday at Vanderbilt and now Peters faces murder charges.

Peters is in the Warren County Jail on a one million dollar cash bond. He will be in court tomorrow where the case is expected to be bound over to the grand jury.