Fletcher to Line Item Veto

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Projects that could come to South Central Kentucky could be in jeopardy, if Gov. Fletcher comes to the conclusion that they aren't necessary this year.

Gov. Fletcher said he's going to use his line-item veto power to make significant cuts to the state's $18.1 billion budget.

Fletcher says he will likely veto various local projects authorized in the spending plan.

The general assembly passed a two-year state budget that included more than $2 billion in new state debt.

More than $4 billion in the budget is set aside for capital projects, which could make it a prime target for cuts.

House Speaker Jody Richards says he hopes Gov. Fletcher doesn't cut anything that will affect this area, but it will be a tough decision for the governor.

He said, "I really don't know where he would start because 60 percent of our budget goes to education, 20 percent to human services and 10 percent to corrections, so when you're talking about that it's hard to cut."

Lawmakers won't be able to override any of Fletcher's possible vetoes because of the length of time it took them to pass the budget.