Expectant Mother's Reaction to Greenview Ending Obstetrics Services

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"We're due in December."

Sami Wilson found out about a week ago that she's pregnant with her second child.

Wilson says: "I have a little boy. He just turned 20 months."

Wilson delivered her son at Greenview Regional Hospital. She experienced some complications during delivery and says she felt very comfortable in the hands of the obstetricians and nurses there. But Wilson will not be able to deliver this baby there because starting in September they will no longer have obstetrics services. She was shocked when she found out.

Wilson says: "Kinda disbelief and panic because my says insurance that's the only hospital that it covers. It doesn't cover the Medical Center. So we've just got to try to figure out what to do now."

Greenview CEO Mark Marsh says he is unaware of any insurance plans that only cover that hospital but did offer this advice.

Marsh says: "I would say that we have some sister hospitals within TRI-Star in the area. Hendersonville and others in the area that still do OB."

Wilson says: "I just don't know if that would work at all. I don't know if the doctor I have here would be able to go to Hendersonville. I sure don't want to see a doctor in Hendersonville on a regular basis. That would be nuts."

Wilson says she hopes her insurance will cover the Medical Center so she can deliver locally. She says this is just one of the many changes she'll have to make to prepare for the newest addition to the family.

Wilson says: "This is just one of those bumps in the road."

WBKO has had some calls from expectant mothers wondering what they should do if they are due after September first or if they have already paid for their delivery.

Marsh says: "But that decision made for September first anybody post that, or even if it's somebody prior to that and they decide to go elsewhere, we will certainly honor that and make sure they work with the hospital. Make sure they receive a refund for anything they've already paid for."