Medical Center's Reaction to Greenview's Changes

Greenview announced it will discontinue its obstetrics services and will stop delivering babies effective September 1.

Chief Executive Officer, Mark Marsh, says the decision was made so the hospital can focus its resources on the area's changing health care needs.

This decision leaves the Medical Center as the only hospital that will deliver babies in Warren County.

Doris Thomas, the Vice President for Commonwealth Health Corporation, says: "We have been delivering babies since 1926 and for the vast majority of those years we were the only facility delivering babies, the other facility started delivering babies in, I think, 1990."

Thomas says: "Last year the Medical Center delivered approximately 1,700 babies while the other facility delivered approximately 500 babies."

Thomas adds the Medical Center will look at how many patients it can hold and prepare for the extra deliveries. "Certainly we will be evaluating our capacity and our need to grow the staff and we'll be prepared to do that should we need to."

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