Budget Cuts Affect Humane Societies

Part of Governor Ernie Fletcher's budget cuts included 2.5 million dollars for the construction of new humane societies.

Freda Durio, a board member for the Logan County Humane Society, says if the funding had been kept in the state budget, she would have applied for some of that assistance.

The Logan County Humane Society only holds around 30 animals, but its supporters say there's usually more than 80 there which leaves them in a tight space.

Durio says: "Our shelter is an older shelter. We're very crowded, we have a lot of repairs we need to do."

Durio says if the money had been kept in the budget, she would have applied for some to help repair broken windows, a leaking roof, and to buy new cages for the animals.

She says: "It takes all of our money just to operate; we desperately need more staff, and money to pay our staff for the hours they work."

With or without the extra money the shelter workers say they will use money they receive from the city of Russellville and Logan County. Plus they will continue to raise money to keep the shelter operating.

The Humane Society workers in Logan County say there are still a few smaller grants they can apply for to help make ends meet.

For more information on the Logan County Humane Society you can log onto www.geocities.com/thelogancountyhumanesociety.

The Logan County Humane Society also has a "wish list" of needed items. Those include: blankets, towels, paper towels, toys, trash bags, trash cans, curtains, pillows, cushions, bleach, washing powder, can food, dry food, carriers, dog houses, and dog beds.