Rick Hendrick Comes To Bowling Green

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Rick Hendrick says: "I'm just a car nut. I can't help it."

Hendrick's Nascar racing team has won nine championships in the last decade. So what brought him to Bowling Green?

Hendrick says: "I'm a Corvette Collector and dealer and it's just a special day. I wanted to pick it up here at the plant and take some friends to the museum."

Hendrick says growing up he dreamed of owning a 'Vette. Now he's got more than 40!

Hendrick says: "I've been collecting them now for almost 25 years. I've got them from the '57s up to the new ones."

Visitors to the museum were excited to see a sampling of Hendrick's collection.

Bill Crawford says: "Oh! I was kinda in awe. You know? I was shocked to see it. That's the first Z06 I've seen and then getting to see the Daytona Pace Car too. That's awesome because I saw it on TV when they run the race."

Jimmie Johnson, a Hendrick Motorsports driver, won this year's Daytona 500. After Johnson won the Daytona 500, Hendrick approached GM about purchasing the official pace car for his personal collection.

Hendrick says: "I've got a museum back in Charlotte so I plan to have those two cars sitting side by side this time next year."

The self-described car nut bought his first Corvette for only a thousand dollars. He's come a long way since then.

Hendrick says: "Racing and working on cars got me into the automobile business. So I'm probably one of the luckiest guys in the world because I get to do the two things I love the most."

Hendrick picked up a Z06 while he was here. He's hoping for driver Jeff Gordon to win this Sunday's Nextel Cup, which would be Gordon's third consecutive Talladega victory.