Non-Traditional Farming

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Alison Wiedigar and her husband have been growing All Natural food for 25 years.
She says their produce is richer in color, has higher cancer-fighting agents and is cleaner than store bought produce.
She's not the only one feeling that way.
Organic food sales are expected to hit $15 billion this year.
That's up from $9 billion since 1990.
"We don't use any chemicals in the production no chemical fertilizers and no chemical sprays."
Which nutrition studies say can be healthier.
A food chemistry study reports organic fruits and vegetables had significantly higher levels of cancer-fighting antioxidants, which is just another reason the Weidigar's say they'll never change.
"Do I love doing this? I love doing this, I work at off farm job because it's a necessity."
Proving that the All Natural food industry is growing, but not taking the lead ... yet.
"I think there's a large market in South Central Kentucky for food that's grown cleanly and naturally."
For instance she says herbs are the "in style" thing to grow-and-buy right now. For example she showed us "Stevia" which can be used as a substitute for sugar.
"These leaves are 100% -- 100 times stronger than sugar."
All natural farmers believe if you buy herbs like these to sweeten your tea or coffee ... you could actually be saving money.
The Weidigar's sell them for about 2 dollars. The plant grows to about 18 to 24 inches and can supply you with sugar year-round if you dry the leaves and save them.
"Oh yeah! Anytime people grow own food they save money."
The Weidigar's say their All Natural chickens are healthier for you to eat because they're grown in what they call a natural environment.
"What's different about this, you can see how much space they have to run around."
They agree with animal studies that report when chickens, turkeys and pigs are raised in confinement, they suffer from being unable to practice normal behaviors like grazing, rooting and roosting.
"They get to act like Chickens."
"It makes the meat different it's got a little more texture than store bought meat has."
Although America's attention is focusing more on health, research proving natural foods are healthier over manufactured food hangs in the balance.
"There's a lot of recent research -- no long term research because there's not enough money in the organic industry today for it."
The Weidigar's good health is enough of a reason for them to keep on growing if their clients ... keep on buying.
If you'd like to try it for yourself:
The Southern Kentucky Farmer's Market
Open Tuesdays and Saturdays
7:00AM - 1:00 PM
All Locally Grown Food!
Corner of Fairview and 31W