Update: Cherry Hall Fire

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"I am here....merely humbled....to think that I've been able to come back," said "Henry Hardin Cherry" actor.

A Henry Hardin Cherry look alike spoke at the President's gala just one day before Cherry Hall went ablaze.

"During our gala to have Dr. Cherry come back to campus and just shortly after have this fire... it just really hit all of us really hard. It just something that's not supposed to happen," said Gene Tice, WKU VP Student Affairs.

Leaving campus... on edge.

"We obviously are concerned the campus police are on alert," said Tice.

And the reward keeps going up in hopes of finding answers on what happened here last weekend.

"We want these people held accountable they have committed a terrible crime and we want we want them to suffer the consequences to the fullest extent of the law," said Tice.

Accountable for $860,000 worth of damage to Cherry Hall after numerous fires were intentionally set. Now the building is open for class but the extent of the damage will take time to repair.

"Anger... Frustration... Disbelief this has happened on our campus," said Tice.