Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity Breaking Ground

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Members and Alumni of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity broke ground on Sunday as the first group on Western Kentucky University's campus to be a part of the new Greek Village.

"It's a start of a new chapter for our greek organizations, the greek community, with Western Kentucky University, and i think this will provide a high quality of life for those students", says WKU President Gary Ransdell.

Last April a fire ripped through the fraternity house that was ruled to be arson. Investigators have yet to determine who was responsible.

For many SAE fraternity members, today was a day of starting over.

"When we go a year without a house, it's kinda been hard but i think it's helped our chapter also. It kinda stengthened the bonds of our brotherhood", say SAE fraternity member Jeff Tinius.

The house is scheduled to start being built within the next 30 days.

SAE alum Kevin Brooks had a part in designing the house and says the new house is a big step for the fraternity as well as for Western.

"I think it's great the administration has recognized a strong greek system is important for Western and this will be a really good thing for Western", says Brooks.

The SAE fraternity already had plans to move into the Greek Village before the fire occurred last April.

Western owns the land where the Greek Village will be built and provided it free to the organizations wanting to build, but the groups had to raise money for their houses.

Four other fraternities are set to also move into Greek Village.

Construction for the SAE house should be complete by the end of the year.