St. Jude- Nolan Kane

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Jeanie Kane is the mother of 13-year-old Nolan Kane. She says: "Nolan has AML, which is acute myelogenous leukemia."

Nolan couldn't sit down to talk to us about his stay at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital because he was getting chemotherapy. Nolan has been at St. Jude for over a year. He was hospitalized last March.

Jeanie says: "He was just really not well, for a good three to four weeks."

When they found out that his diagnosis was AML they recommended St. Jude. They had planned on only doing chemotherapy, but then they found out Nolan also has a genetic mutation.

Jeanie says: "And that makes his AML even more aggressive, more stubborn, and more hard to cure. So then they knew immediately that he would need a transplant."

Nolan's brothers were tested and one of them turned out to be a perfect match. They did a transplant in June and everything went really well.

Jeanie says: "Actually in the end it went too well because his cells were so at home in there and they were such a perfect match that it didn't create the leukemia-killing effect that it really needed to."

After being in remission for five months, Nolan relapsed in October. He underwent another transplant five weeks ago from Jeanie's cells.
But his odds of recovering are less than 10 percent. Still, his mother says St. Jude has saved Nolan's life.

Jeanie says: "It's amazing. The things they do for us. It's amazing. There's no other place like it in the world and we are truly blessed by being here. Truly blessed. If this is the end of Nolan's life, he has been so filled with love from these people here. There is no sadness in my heart about that.

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