Kentucky Rumbler Opens at Beech Bend Park

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Andy Hine says: "The coaster in now open! Yay! Oogie oogie oogie oy oy oy!"

Hine is one of the 65 members of the Roller Coaster Club of Great Britain who made the trek across the Atlantic Ocean to ride the Kentucky Rumbler, the newest addition at Beech Bend Park.

Hine says: "That was superb! We came all the way from London just to ride it and it was worth every minute of that flight and that seven hour journey on the bus just to ride that ride. Everything a good coaster should be!"

Everyone who rode the Rumbler had nice things to say about it.

Senator Brett Guthrie sat next to Representative Richie Sanders. Guthrie says: "It's exciting! I had to ride next to him. He screamed the whole time!"

The designer of the ride says, until recently, he'd never heard of Beech Bend.

Jeff Pike, designer, says: "We got a call from Beech Bend. He said we're down in Bowling Green. We'd like to talk to you about a roller coaster. And I said, 'Where?'

He's been designing roller coasters for years. The newest one left enthusiasts begging for more.

Hine says: "I'm going around to get straight back on again. The thing about a great coaster is one that you can get off and go back and get straight back on again. Get on smiling. Get off laughing. Get on it and keep going."

So now thrill seekers don't have to look any further than their own backyard.

The designer of the ride says he hopes to create more rides for Beech Bend. We also asked him about the safety measures taken with The Kentucky Rumbler.

Jeff Pike says: "Safety is always everybody's responsibility. As a designer I take it very seriously when I'm working on the design of the ride."

Pike also says the lap bar, restraints, and design of this ride make it thrilling, but not so dangerous that it could throw riders out. And he says safety is also the responsibility of the ride operators and riders.