Deputies Patrol on Bikes

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The Warren County Sheriff's Department is adding itself to the list of agencies that are now patrolling on bikes.

Two deputies from the department are now patrolling the streets on bikes three days a week.

According to the deputies Craig Beckmann and Glenn Woodard, there are actually more advantages than disadvantages to riding these bikes.

"It seems the people are more willing to approach you on bike versus being in the car. The car seems to be somewhat of a barrier and you have alot more contacts on a bicycle", says Deputy Craig Beckmann.

"Typically when you come in with a car you're going in because there a complaint or you're serving a paper or something like that. On a bike it kinda softens that. It's more personable and people approach you more", says Deputy Glenn Woodard.

These two deputies say they know the bikes may have some disadvantages to them as well.

"It's not as safe. You get on a bicycle and you're kinda more exposed to things", says Beckmann.

"If you're pursuing someone and they're running from you, there may be times you have to actually pick the bike up and carry it to get across certain terrain", says Woodard.

According to these deputies, it is worth the challenge. They both say this is something they are looking forward to doing, and that it will help them get to know members of the community more.

"It helps open up the lines of communication with the public", says Woodard.

The two deputies started patrolling last week and say that it was a big success.

They plan on patrolling Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays, especially in areas they say need extra patrol such as parks, mobile homes, and subdivisions.