Skate Park Update

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"We're about two weeks away, maybe two and a half weeks away from seeing the final design of the new skate park," says City Commissioner Brian "Slim" Nash.

But the designs will have to get the thumbs up from City officials before any concrete gets poured.

"We'll have construction sometime this summer. It does have to go to the codes department. The plans do have to be approved by the city. They have to be okayed by planning and zoning, depending on if there's any structures on the facility."

The new home for the park will be at Roland Bland Park.

A location that Commissioner Nash says couldn't be more perfect for the skating community or the city of Bowling Green.

"It’s on a heavily-traveled intersection and the new Sixth Street will not affect the skate park. In fact it'll just allow more traffic to flow by it. More traffic keeps down vandalism. Its located on two blocks away from the police department."

Nash says while the project is coming together, it’s taking a little longer than he originally anticipated, "It is a process that’s gonna take longer than I would have hoped it would take and much longer than I know the skaters wish it would take. But we will be breaking ground on it this summer."

Nash notes the project still has its skeptics but the amount is dwindling rapidly because now grandparents and parents are getting involved in the creation of the park and trying to contribute to its future.

"They don't want their children and their grandchildren skating on private property where they're not supposed to be. Skating on sidewalks where they know other people are walking and skating through traffic where they are putting themselves at risk as well as the traffic at risk."