Kentucky Primary Next Week

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For nearly a month, absentee voters have been coming in and out of the Warren County Courthouse, but not nearly as many as you'd expect.

"Turnout has been very low and I expect it to be that way next week too."

With only a couple major races on the ballot, Warren County Clerk Dot Owens says she just doesn't see much interest in Tuesday's primary. But Owens is convinced November will be a different story.

Informed voters are usually in and out on election day, but this year it will likely take a little longer. Due to new laws, each polling place has to have a new handicap accessible voting machine.

"It's easy to use. Some people are nervous about it, but don't be. It's not difficult at all."

Some of the precincts have also changed. Anyone with questions about where to vote should call (270) 842-9416.