Kiper Out of Prison; in Butler County Court

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Ben Kiper says: "Just trying to catch up for lost time."

Kiper has six years of lost time to make up to himself and his family. Many family members were in court Tuesday showing their support of his release from prison.

Kentucky Innocence Project Coordinator, Gordon Rahn, says: "We're just glad he's out. He's out on bond and now we just wait and see what the Commonwealth wants to do."

Kiper appeared before Judge Ronnie Dortch for a hearing to decide some of the terms of his bond. The Butler County Commonwealth Attorney, Tim Coleman, requested that Kiper have no contact with any minors.

Rahn says: "It's a pretty harsh request. But fortunately the judge is going to allow him to have supervised visits."

Kiper is staying with his wife and there are two children in their home. His attorney's also say that the girl who initially accused Kiper of the rape and sexual assault now wants to put that in the past.

Rahn says: "She testified at the evidentiary hearing that Ben is her daddy and she wants to see him. She wants to get that father/daughter relationship back."

When Kiper got the news Friday afternoon that he was going to be allowed out of jail even he was surprised.

Kiper says: "The state set a bond and my family came and got me. I got to go home and spend a lot of time with them."

Rahn says: "We're excited about that. It's good. He's out of prison. He's with his wife, his family, his children. And that's the first step we needed to get across."

The Kentucky Innocence Project says they got involved with Kiper's case because the victim recanted her testimony. This ruling marks the fourth sexual offender since 2000 whose sentence was set aside by evidence of innocence.