School's in Session Part 2

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Students across South Central Kentucky are anticipating summer vacation and businesses are too.

The summer season brings in money for area tourist attractions. This is the prime tourist time for many seasonal businesses and they're trying to get the most out of the few months they have while students are on summer vacation.

However, some seasonal attractions say making ends meet isn't as easy with school starting in early August.

At Lost River Cave, Rho Lansden, the cave's executive director says she's preparing for the tourist season.

She says: "Having the coolness of the cave is always a big plus for the summer visitor. They are looking for something to do that will give them some relief."

However, the beginning of the summer season is almost the end for many tourist attractions.

Vicki Fitch, the executive director of the Bowling Green Area Convention and Visitor's Bureau says: "We would like to see the school calendar extend a little bit further through the summer. We would like to see school not start back from summer vacation until September 1st."

Fitch says seasonal attractions in South Central Kentucky are greatly affected by the length of summer vacation. She says: "Those depend on tourists, and they need two or three months available to have a labor force there, and also to have visitors. That's when they want to come, that's when they need to come."

Lansden says: "In August our visitation drops to half of what it would be in late June and all of July."

Jim Myers a member of Warren County's Calendar Committee says even if schools started the year later they would have to extend the school year into June to meet the number of required instructional days.

Myers says: "If we start later then we're going to go later. We can start the day after Labor Day, but then again we're not going to get out until the end of June."

Those on the calendar committees say they want what's best for the community, but they have to do what's right for their students.

Lansden says Lost River Cave has been in business since 2000, so it's been able to adjust its budget around the current school calendar.