School's in Session Part 3

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It's getting closer to the vacation season in South Central Kentucky. However, many seasonal businesses are just getting started.

With the end of school being just around two weeks away many are preparing to enjoy their time off. For landscapers, they're already well into their summer season.

George Schiff, the general manager of Frank Otte Nursery, says: "We do a lot of our business just from April 15 until about July."

With all that seasonal activity comes summer jobs. Schiff says: "We hire a lot of high school students, a lot of Western Kentucky University students."

Schiff says he likes how high school students get out of school at the end of May since business picks up early in the spring season. He says: "Actually the earlier is better for us. We bring in the students typically around the April 1 mark."

Schiff says after July things in the landscaping business begin to wind down.

While some want the school year to start later, Schiff says if there was one thing he could change about the school calendar he'd want students to get out earlier.

He says: "I'd be happy if they got out around April 1 and went back in July. I know the kids wouldn't."