Franklin Simpson High School May Adopt Uniforms

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Cameron Hendley is in favor of uniforms. He says: "I'm for it. I'm all for it. It gives me more time to figure out what I'm going to wear instead of staring at my closet."

Molly McLaren says she is not sure how she feels. "Personally I really like being able to wear what I want to school. Like days when I'm really tired, I like being able to wear sweatpants."

Julianne Metzger is also uncertain: "I think the dress code could be a really good idea if it's enforced and if it makes us uniform, which is by definition what it should be."

Franklin Simpson High School's principal says if they do adopt a new dress code, complete with uniforms, it will be based on the parents and communities choice.

Dr. Kenneth Jackson is the principal at the school. He says: "We want the community and the parents to be partners in decision and we want it to be a joint decision. But we don't want it to be us versus them."

Still, Dr. Jackson says almost everyone he's spoken to about the uniforms has embraced the idea. Although he admits there have been some naysayers and others who haven't decided.

Sarah Graves is one of the undecided. "I'm kind of on both sides. My side for no to the uniforms is that I feel I can be more myself. My feeling is that the ones who wear the revealing clothes are punishing the ones who don't."

Carrie Byrd was breaking two of the school's current dress codes when we spoke to her. She had on sunglasses and had a hole in her jeans above the knee.

"I like to be an individual. I like to dress how I want to dress. Be who I want to be. I don't want to be like everyone else in this school."

Dr. Jackson says: "For the most part, kids here are not really abusing the dress code. There's a few in every school. We want to be proactive instead of reactive."

Dr. Jackson also says other schools throughout the country who have adopted uniforms have been more successful in terms of discipline, academics, and in preventing bullying.