Advocate for Autism Speaks at WKU

Doctor Temple Grandin, a professor and advocate for Autism hosts two lectures at Western Kentucky University today.

Grandin, one of the most well-known adults with autism, helped celebrate the 5-year anniversary of WKU's Kelly Autism Program.

Grandin advocates the acceptance of autism, rather than the attempt to cure it as a mental illness.

"We have to take the person with autism or asperger's strengths, and build on their strengths. I took my ability in drawing and turned that into a career. And since I was kind of eccentric and weird, I had to sell my work, not my personality," said Dr. Temple Grandin.

KAP provides training, instruction, support and other resources to the autism community.

Doctor Grandin presented a lecture at 3:00 this afternoon and will speak again tonight at 7:00.

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