Fletcher Speaks Out

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The governor who ran under the promise to "clean up the mess in Frankfort" is finding himself right in the middle of the mess.

"My conscious is clear. I'm, as I said, not guilty of these charges," said Kentucky's Governor Ernie Fletcher.

He says his hands are clean but if convicted of those misdemeanor charges it could cost the governor his job or even jail time.

The indictment says administration officials set up a system of screening job candidates for positions throughout state government.
It says they ran background checks on the political affiliations and donations of job applicants.

But Fletcher says the charges of criminal conspiracy, official misconduct, and violating the prohibition against political discrimination are politically motivated.

"As far as I'm concerned the issue we're facing right now is looking at the conflict of interest the attorney general has for me... Filed a motion of that it's pretty clear he's expressed interest in running for governor and I think that speaks a lot for the fact that major conflict of interest here," said Fletcher.

But time is of the essence with the primaries being only a few days away.

"In Kentucky we have a history of politics, but I will say this is a new low," said the Governor.

The rumors continue to circulate about the possibility of Attorney General Greg Stumbo running for governor. But for now..

"We're taking one day at a time," said Fletcher.

Fletcher's arraignment is set for June 7th. The governor isn't expected to appear at that hearing, but his attorney will enter a plea for him.