Medicare Deadline

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Monday, May 15th is the deadline for seniors and people with disabilities to enroll in a prescription drug plan.

The program is designed to help people on Medicare pay for their prescription drugs.

The program was introduced in January and has since received many mixed reviews especially on whether or not there should be a deadline.

"People need a deadline or they wouldn't sign up. If we didn't have a
deadline, 1.6 million people fewer would actually sign up", says U.S. Health & Human Services Secretary, Mike Leavitt.

For seniors and those with disabilities who are eligible to
enroll and don't meet tomorrow night's deadline, they will have to
pay higher premiums when they do enroll.

There will be another opportunity beginning November 15th to enroll in a plan.

If you need more information on how to enroll and the Medicare
prescription drug plans you can call 1-800-Medicare or log onto