Roundup Nets Seven Arrested on Federal Drug Charges

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This morning authorities arrested 34-year-old Collin Carpenter, 35-year-old Corey Ferguson, 36-year-old Albert Ferguson, 38-year-old Benita Ferguson, all of Bowling Green.

Also arrested were 27-year-old Trevor Hampton and 30-year-old Damon Nelson, both of Russellville, and 30-year-old Derrick Lander of Cerulean, Kentucky.

Authorities had previously arrested 29-year-old Richard Cox and 30-year-old William Downey, both of Bowling Green, on these charges.

33-year-old Jerome Shanklin of Bowling Green is still at large. If you know of his whereabouts, call your local police department.

The federal indictment alleges 30 counts against the ten suspects, including conspiring to make and distribute crack cocaine. If convicted, they could get anywhere from ten years to life in prison, up to a four-million dollar fine each, and at least five years probation.

In the past year, authorities used electronic surveillance to record drug transactions at "Fadz 4 Dayz" on Russellville Road. Today's defendants will be back in federal court Wednesday afternoon for their arraignments and detention hearings.