Too Young to Know

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More and more children are becoming medicated every day. Also every day more is found out about those very medicines your children are taking.

"If the doctor diagnoses the child as needing the medication more than likely the benefits of the medicine is gonna outweigh the risks... in most cases," said pharmacist Rick Mathews.

Those risks are becoming too real to parents in our area.

"You hear your son talking about killing hisself... That's unreal that's something that... It's like it was on TV. You know it wasn't real," said Sharon Logsdon parent of a teenage son on psychiatric medication.

The warnings continue to add up about the effects of the here and now.

However there's still little to nothing known about the long term effects that may be awaiting your child in the future.

Coming up tonight at 6 we'll show you the increasing dangers and risks with psychiatric medicines in Part 2 of Too Young to Know.