Comer in Court

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Angela Comer was in Judge Eddie Lovelace's courtroom for a pretrial conference. Wednesday, Judge Lovelace made several rulings about the findings of discovery in the Comer case. Now both sides will have the opportunity to learn more about what might have caused the relationship to begin and escalate to the point it did.

Almost as soon as Angela Comer entered the Monroe County Circuit courtroom, Judge Eddie Lovelace granted a request that the Defense and the Commonwealth meet in his chambers to go over the issue of discovery in the case.

While waiting for the ruling to be made, the former teacher accused of running away to Mexico with a student she was having a sexual relationship with, sat in the courtroom waving to her parents and fidgeting in her chair.

Lovelace says: "As a result of the hearing in my chambers the court will issue the following rulings in the action of the Commonwealth versus Angela Comer. Number one the court directs that both the Commonwealth and the defense shall have access to the defendant's computer wherever it might be. They will have the opportunity to inspect the computer at the same time."

Lovelace also ruled that the defense will have the right to interview three juveniles about the case. Both sides will have access to inspect the juvenile's computer, with whom she had the relationship, whose initials are J.C. And that both the Commonwealth and defense will be entitled to statements Comer made while in Laredo, Texas after she was arrested.

Lovelace says: "And finally the court orders that certain records pertaining to counseling of J.C. shall be provided to the court for inspection to see if there's any exculpatory evidence contained in those documents."