Democrats Hoping for Gains

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Kentucky Democrats are hoping Governor Fletcher's legal troubles will help them add to their advantage in the General Assembly in November.

Primary elections throughout the state on Tuesday set the political match-ups for the general election on November seventh.

With Fletcher indicted on misdemeanor charges for allegedly handing state jobs to political supporters, some Democrats say they're headed for a political resurgence in Kentucky.

State Democratic Chairman Jerry Lundergan said, "Kentuckians are ready to give the leadership back to the Democratic Party."

Democrats hold a 56-to-44 advantage in the House while Republicans have a five-seat edge margin in the Senate.

Both parties are trying to build on those numbers in November.

The Democrats think they'll benefit from the controversy surrounding the governor.

A Franklin County special grand jury indicted Fletcher on misdemeanor charges of criminal conspiracy, official misconduct and violating a prohibition against political discrimination last week.

He is due in court on June 7.