Soldier Reunited With Wife and Baby Daughter

Adam Retzlaff was stationed in Iraq for his third deployment shortly after finding out his wife was pregnant with their first child.

Adam was on the way home to see the birth of his first child, Brionna Nicole, but his flight was delayed and missed the delivery.

Adam missed the entire pregnancy as well. He says he left for Iraq shortly after finding out his wife was going to have a baby.

Adam says: "She told me everything that was going on like how the doctor's visits went, what the doctor said, how the baby's doing."

While he was well-informed, the information couldn't take the place of seeing his new daughter.

Now Crystal and Adam are sharing their first moments with Brionna, something they couldn't do during her pregnancy.

Crystal says: "The biggest thing was not being able to share it with him, not being able to go to the doctor's office and have him see the ultrasound and I just sent him pictures."

Now Crystal, Adam, and baby Brionna are making up for all of that lost time while Adam's in town.

Brionna's grandmother says she plans on taking pictures of her granddaughter every week, so she can send them to her son-in-law in Iraq.

Adam will leave for Iraq late next week.